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Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong is a clinical psychologist and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of Ekong Counseling Center. She has worked for over 20 years helping people learn how to accept their past, not fear their futures, love themselves and forgive others.

Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong earned her doctorate of clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. She gained clinical expertise by working in various behavior health settings helping individuals address, process, and resolve life challenges limiting their ability to live happy lives.

She helps parents learn how to talk in a way that their children will listen. She also helps children learn to talk in ways that their parents will hear.

She also assists couples to create long-lasting and more loving relationships. Couples therapy is a complex specialization, which required her to seek additional training by becoming a certified Imago relationship therapist.

She believes couples have the capacity to create the relationship they desire. Sometimes they just need help learning how.

Those who need help repairing their relationships need answers. Ekong Counseling Center has the answers you need.

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Lavinia Ruckes Ekong