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Common Relationship Storms

  • First Year of Marriage

    Being a mate is different from being a date. Now that you’re married, your life requires negotiations about money, childcare, career paths, leisure time, and sex. Your differences and preferences emerge. Discussions become debates about who’s right or wrong, and winning the argument becomes the goal.

    ~Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong
  • The Birth of Your First Child

    You are thrilled about the baby but unprepared for the amount of work it takes. You’re stressed, sleep-deprived and overwhelmed. Your baby’s needs control your schedule. You miss spontaneity. Sex is now a chore. You fight about how to get things done and you feel unheard.

    ~ Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong
  • Your Child Becomes a Teen

    In finding their own identity, children often rebel against you. You and your mate’s parenting styles often clash, and you fight over how best to raise your children. You spend more energy trying to be good parents and your intimate relationship is placed on the back burner.

    ~ Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong
  • Adult Children Leave the Nest

    During the whirlwind of raising your family, you lose your lover. You’ve become business partners and parents. You and your partner are no longer passionate lovers and friends. Children fill the gap between you two and without them, you feel alone and disconnected.

    ~ Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong
  • Retirement

    Spending increased time together means you are often in each other’s space and in each other’s hair. Tension mounts. You bicker. Now you have to explore how to be with one another again.

    ~ Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong
  • These pivotal times are filled with wonder, excitement, tension, worry and fear. Without tools for effective navigation, any one of these storms can tear your relationship apart.
    Ekong Counseling Center can help.

    ~ Dr. Lavinia Ruckes-Ekong
Counselor Lavinia Ruckes Ekong

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